Upgrading a bleaching workshop

SEC Corp is firmly committed to its workers and will from now on bleach your jeans with a brand new chemical process. The waste will be washed away by the Nile.

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What we've done to eliminate toxic chemicals in 2013

SEC Corp - Men VS Wild: and in the end, men win.

Current high pressure sandblasting techniques being so abrasive and dangerous they might cause serious illness, like critical lung conditions, SEC Corp has decided to upgrade its workshops in Egypt. From now on, those fashion jeans of yours will be bleached using a potassium permanganate and chlorine-based chemical process. This new technique, using 2,200 gallons/10,000L of water and 2 pounds/1kg of chemicals for each pair of jeans, admittedly generates considerable amounts of toxic waste yet, thanks to the nearby Nile, we will be able to get rid of it and therefore preserve the health and, more importantly, the productivity of our workers. Because nothing's as precious as a human life.

New bleaching technique calling for very large amounts of chlorine and potassium.

Campaign : Toxic pollution

As much as 70 percent of all rivers, lakes and reservoirs in China and Mexico are polluted. For several years, Greenpeace has been investigating textile factories polluting rivers with dangerous chemicals.

Over the past three years, investigations have shown the presence of chemicals into items of clothing from international top clothing brands. Those chemicals are released into the rivers, during the manufacturing process or after washing, and remain in the water and sludge which may cause hormonal disorders and cancers. Those chemicals are a threat to both human health and the environment, poisoning precious rivers throughout the world.

We pick our clothes. They reflect our personality... They should not be a threat.

Fashion companies are now facing a choice: ignore their mistakes, bury their heads in the sand or seize the opportunity to work hand in hand with their suppliers in the fight against toxic chemicals.

We ask brands to promote a chemical-free future and to work in close collaboration with their suppliers in order to eliminate chemicals from their clothing and production lines.
We ask them to use safer alternative products instead.
We ask them to be transparent on their suppliers' practices because people who live next to factories and rivers have the right to know what is in the water.

We will not take this anymore; we will not be just consumers. Fashion has to change. And it is up to us!