Introducing a high-performance trawl

Galician fishermen are developing a triple-mesh trawl to catch even more species, increase the volume of fish caught and optimise each trip.

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Galician Fishermen Union - The high performance "triple mesh" trawl

Trawler man, that's one tough job indeed: the abrasive dampness of trade winds, the haunting shanty of engines, the constant waltz of boats, manoeuvres that leave you shattered and bruised, the enduring fear of the accident. Not to mention those trips out in the open sea, as dark as danger, those take their toll on the body. In order to limit outings, Galician fishermen have come up with the idea of a high performance trawl called the "triple mesh” trawl. By combining different net mesh sizes and a devastating dredge, they hope to maximise the volume of fish they will catch and consequently preserve their health. Considering the anticipated results, the hardest thing will be to find new schools of fish. But our fishermen have proved so resourceful so far, this shouldn't be a problem for very long.

The triple mesh trawl will spare no species.

Campaign : Oceans

Oceans make up 70 percent of Earth surface. They are the cradle of an unbelievable and little known biodiversity. They are a source of life, of survival sometimes... However, today, they are on the verge of exhaustion.
Why? Because we forgot what is the most important. We are so used to catching the fish and seafood we like without any limitation and as we cannot see the bottom of the ocean, we assumed oceans had no limits.
And we forgot the obvious: fishing is not a manufacturing industry, it is snatching wild animals from their habitat. When a particular species is overfished, it cannot maintain a stable level because the amount of fish caught outnumbers the amount of fish born.

This race for growth does not care about oceans and the people depending on them.

Commercial fishing is sucking the oceans dry. Almost 2 species out of 3 are overfished, or on the verge of being overfished, in European waters. Yet, our leaders, our politicians are not offering any good solution even though the right solution is right there in front of them, it already exists!
On every coastline, local fishermen already have sustainable fishing practices. Artisanal fishing is a type of small-scale and usually coastal fishing using passive fishing gear and techniques (fish traps, longline fishing) and first and foremost, it remains on a human scale. The fruits of fishermen’s labour directly benefit local communities. They have a dream for the future of their occupation and the future of the oceans: fish less, fish better.

They should be helped and supported. It just takes a little ambition, a little passion, a little political courage... It is time!