Installing a sea ice melter

Melting sea ice with a massive lens to easily access Alaska's gigantic fossil fuel resources, here's Black Gold Company's challenge

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Black Gold Company - A lens as a sea ice melter

Alaska overflows with fossil resources. Right there under our feet lay gigantic gas pockets and underground oil lakes just waiting for our drills and pumps. So as to reach them, Black Gold Company wants to use the energy of the Sun and install a massive diameter lens. Set on stilts, it will hover a few feet above the ice and vertically concentrate the sunlight onto gas or oil deposits. The rise in temperature will drastically melt this very annoying ice that will hopefully quickly shrink away. This novel project is a first step into the realm of econology or how to use free sustainable green energy to harvest extremely profitable fossil fuels.

A lens to concentrate sunlight and melt the ice floe.

Campaign : Climate

The climate change crisis is getting worse. And Greenpeace is not the one saying it:
In November 2012, the International Energy Agency stated that in order to keep global temperatures from rising by more than 2°C/35.5°F, two thirds of our fossil resources need to remain underground. At the same time, the World Bank warned about inaction that would lead to a 4°C/40°F rise. In September 2013, the IPCC handed in its fifth assessment report. Here is what the Guardian said about it: "Forget about climate change, we are facing a dramatic collapse of climate as we know it.".

Opencast coal mines in Australia and China, oil bearing sands in Canada, mad oil projects in the Arctic or off the coasts of Brazil...…

The fossil energy industry is about to set the climate on fire.

And yet...

Those who take action, in real life, those men and women of Greenpeace, who condemn environmental crimes and offer solutions, are imprisoned. Yet, whereas all signs are red and time has come to eventually stop this oil rat race, activists are still being imprisoned in Russia when those accountable for the current catastrophe are protected by governments throughout the world.

Fighting for the climate is not a crime. It is a necessity. We need to speak out on behalf of our planet for it deserves it. We need to condemn the abuse it suffers and provide the only actual solution to the climate change crisis: the energy transition.